About Us

INDIARESULTS.COM is considered to be a landmark in the field of the "online result publishing". Over the years it has grow up from a website to complete online portal and IT solution provider. Today, the world "online resulting publishing" seems to be very simple, but the whole journey for achieving this can be considered as a great accomplishment. The great ideas, the diligent work and a vision made the ways.

Started with a single idea a pick witted thought..."to help student ...saving their time and energy from queuing up in the long rows to peek in their results" This simple idea turned into reality with the launch of INDIARESULTS.COM in year 2000. The time when Internet made small footsteps in India, this idea changed the scenario of seeing the results. The percussion was clear and loud in the years to come.

The people started to forget about catching the first editions of newspapers in the wee hours, students don't jam up in the college corridors for their results anymore and INDIARESULTS become a synonym for results. With foolproof data and fast servers, INDIARESULTS became another popular name in student fraternity. For the youth it still serves as a philanthropic medium of seeing their results and saving their time and efforts.

Today, after more than a decade of our journey, we have emerged as a platform for many additional services. We offer a number of solutions which are industry & business specific. We are proud to mention here, our quality management system and Information security management system conforms to the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 respectively.

Annual Growth

We changed the perceptions way back with our determination to introduce an idea which was easy, accessible and philanthropic. After so many years of success and hard work, INDIARESULTS still try to innovate the solutions which can help education sector and students' fraternity as a whole.

Our aim is to tie up India within the web, where the services are quick, unfailing and user friendly. To us, the youth and the education are the biggest focal points, from where the development starts; as a result, INDIARESULTS is working constantly to offer best resources & resolutions.Atul Gupta
Executive Director
Saurabh Agarwal
Managing Director